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Our Story

Our Story

Salt & Rose Cosmetics started with the less-is-more approach to premium cosmetics and skincare. We believe every woman should have beauty products that make her feel more confident and elegant by enhancing her natural beauty without masking it. 

No fillers, no nonessentials, just an honest approach to luxury beauty. 

Mary established Salt & Rose Cosmetics in Switzerland to show busy women everywhere that beauty products can simply complement their features. 

“The more I searched for beauty outside of myself, the more I realised that real beauty is within us all. It just needs a chance to be set free.”

She has worked in the fashion industry for over ten years. During that time, she travelled the world and sharpened her eye for stylish details, which she brings to you in the form of Salt & Rose Cosmetics. She curates each product to bring you the finest quality possible.

Salt & Rose Cosmetics’ method of luxury beauty is simple steps that you can do anywhere to make a showstopping impact on your skin, confidence, and life.

Each Salt & Rose Cosmetics product has been chosen for its luxurious feel, properties, and essence to make you feel truly remarkable. 

Our founder is a woman just like you, who understands your needs as a busy woman trying to balance all that life throws at you and still wanting to look fabulous. 

Our sole purpose is to bring you premium beauty products that match your lifestyle and that you can adore for seasons to come.